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What is Deveo

Deveo is a team of professional artists ready to embark on an art-venture with you! Children’s book illustration, comics & graphic novels, animation or almost anything visual, we are here for you! Excited to make your illustration or animation project as beautiful and immersive as possible for your audience.

Our mission is to tell your story in a visual and remarkable way. Because stories are often the fuel to people’s day to day lives, it is no coincidence that we happen to love visual storytelling. We’ve already completed more than 400 illustration and animation projects for happy clients worldwide, and we are eager to keep growing and keep helping everyone bring their stories to life.


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Our Work

Bellow you`ll find a wide variety of illustration and animation styles. It’s very likely that we can serve you with visuals that match the voice of your story (and your budget) perfectly! Contact us now to get a free quote!

The Process

Ok, so there is a magic illustration making button…

And what it does is to start a process. A process that helps us work together into creating remarkable illustrations or animations for your project.

Here’s how we work:


We have a meeting with you until so we can be sure about what you want and what is best for your story.


You receive the initial concept: style, characters, the universe of the story, and every beautiful detail that will make your project unique.


After the general big picture is settled, we get down to the nitty-gritty, and sketch everything out for you.


Then comes the magic. We work on colors, shapes, textures, and other advanced wizardy that leads us to the final unique illustration.


If your project is animated, this is when our animation gurus take over the show and breathe life into scenes. Using the assets (artwork) created by the illustrators, they add the final fireworks.


We check in with you after every step to make sure we’re on the same page. Adjustments are constantly made to guarantee the final product is something we can be proud off.

And Voila!

You now have an unique and remarkable book, comic or animation that is ready to be published on Amazon, Lulu, Youtube, and other platforms where your audience is surely ready to enjoy your content!

PUSH IT to start the process!

Meet the Team

Want to know more about us? Here is our colorful team:

Adrian B.

Adrian B.

Pen Juggler

Alexandra A.

Crafty Cheetah
Alex B.

Alex B.

Animation Guru
Anda B.

Anna B.

Ana N.

Ana N.


Horatiu S.

Operation Manager
Antim M.

Antim M.

Lord of the Honey Badgers
Laura D.

Laura D.


love our work


Really good work. Great communication, very professional and my illustration project was carried out perfectly. Recommended.

Dan Pengelly July 7, 2018

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