A story to make you understand and support your friends who have allergies

Children like stories. It is the most natural thing, like liking cake. Our passion for stories is very beneficial, it expands our inner horizons, it relaxes us, it inspires and entertains us. Also, stories can be the most charming little pretext to learn something new and useful.
Let’s rewind a little. Actually, no matter how delicious cake may be, it isn’t as good as stories. Not just cake, but food in general can hurt us to the point of endangering our lives. And we are not even factoring in the healthy nutrition aspect when we say this. To be specific, we are referring to food allergies, which are medical conditions that impact the quality of life, and, when not properly managed, can endanger it.

Laura, who is a founding member of the Romanian Association for Allergy Education (A.R.E.A) and mother to a little boy with food allergies, offered us the chance to create a story for the purpose of raising public awareness about food allergies. And we were more than happy to join her cause. Thus was born the little illustrated book on Ada and Bogdan, written for 3 year-olds (https://www.educatie-alergii.ro/scurta-poveste-explicativa-a-alergiilor-alimentare-pentru-prietenii-fara-alergii-alimentare-indiferent-de-varsta/). Together we have been able to outline an appealing and creative starting point for a conversation we should have with our children, parents, grandparents, and friends. The reason is simple: it can save lives.

For individuals affected by food allergies presenting the risk of severe reactions, concrete and accurate information is essential. A.R.E.A organizes and carries out events directed at raising public awareness on the issue of allergies and the impact these have on the quality of life. These events do not exclusively focus on preventative measures against allergic reactions, but also on intervention procedures in emergency situations.
How do such allergies manifest? They take the shape of exaggerated, unaccountable, and unexpected defense reactions our organism takes against foods we normally eat. Of course, there are also other types of allergies, such as to certain substances we come into contact with via the objects we touch or through the air we breathe.

Unfortunately, the number of children experiencing allergic reactions is constantly on the rise. It is not at all a pleasant thing, for example, to go into a low-energy, uncomfortable, flu-like state after eating a simple slice of cake. Your nose runs often and you cough a lot. Your skin itches as if you were under attack by a swarm of hungry mosquitoes. But things get truly worse when you turn into a soft, squishy, distended teddy bear with serious breathing difficulties and in need of emergency medical monitoring.

Bogdan, our character, has been through these kinds of experiences often. But he learned from his mother how allergies can be managed, and now he is perfectly ready to share his experience with other children. Following his example, we also decided to tell you everything we discovered working together with Laura and with A.R.E.A, in the hope that this information will prove useful to you.