Augmented reality and interactive books in education

The power of distraction of media and the digital world is so strong nowadays, that it becomes increasingly difficult to awaken children’s interest in learning activities, let alone make them stay focused. But how about we change the perspective: why not use those same distractions as a tool in our children’s education?

First of all, new technologies like augmented reality and interactive books are amazing methods of satisfying both you as a parent, and your child, whose primary desire is playing. They can provide high quality teaching materials, as well as being fun for children. You can choose the subject of the books, thus controlling the content of what your child is exposed to. You will not have to insist on him learning new things because, with moving characters, singing letters or 3D developing scenes at every page, he will come himself asking to watch more.

Moreover, augmented reality and interactive book are both based on the visual and audio factor, which are also the most effective ones in learning. Images and sounds are the easiest way to assimilate new information, and even more if they are presented in a dynamic manner.

Let’s take for example, learning the alphabet: you can buy a book with the augmented reality option. Then, when you show it to your kid, you can use the augmented reality option to show him 3D objects containing that letter, or the way it’s written. He will find this much more attractive and enjoyable than the classical teaching method and will even want to see it again. Interactive books, on the other hand, are perfect for kinesthetic learners-meaning children who learn best while doing practical activities. Using these books, the little ones can learn, for example, the vegetables and the fruits, while moving them from one place to another.

Whatever your education option might be, it’s important to remember that children think differently, therefore they need to be taught differently. Whether you like classic books or you want to test the new digital inventions, you can find it all on